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Real Estate Transaction and Litigation

Our real estate practice handles all aspects of commercial and residential real estate transactions. Our attorneys have significant experience with commercial and residential transactions.

Complex Litigation

In our litigation practice, we represent our clients in a variety of civil cases, including breach of contract claims, contract interpretation disputes, real estate disputes, contested estates, employment discrimination claims, and other general litigation matters.

Dorleus Law attorneys are experienced in all aspects of state and federal litigation, including appeals.

Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Our counsel ranges from early stage evaluations, transactional advice and pre-petition planning to out-of-court reorganizations, chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganizations and asset sales. Our broad client base and years of experience litigating in the bankruptcy courts make us uniquely suited to efficiently advise on bankruptcy-related issues.

Business Disputes and Breakups

DL P.C. has been providing clients with cost-effective and practical solutions to family legal issues.

Whether you are intent on ending your marriage or have been served with a summons for divorce, it is important to know your rights and options during this stressful, painful process.

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